Thursday, 2 October 2014

25% off all Adelaide roller shutters!

We are the October 2014 Tradies SA Tradie of the Month! To celebrate, we'e offering 25% off all of our Adelaide-made roller shutters!

You can visit our Tradies SA interview at or you can read it below.

Direct Shutters manufacture and install Adelaide roller shutters
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How long have you been manufacturing and installing roller shutters in Adelaide?
We’ve been in business for over 25 years and so that means we’re pretty knowledgeable when it comes to finding the right sort of roller shutters for all types of home or business.

Do you only install roller shutters?
No, we also manufacture and fit custom-made security doors and window grilles as well, so we can offer Adelaide homeowners a complete package.

Do you work on commercial premises as well?
Absolutely. We manufacture and fit roller shutters for all kinds of commercial premises, whether it’s a shop or retail outlet, a factory or an office block. We’ve made roller shutters for just about every kind of business in Adelaide that you can think of.

Why should people choose you over another roller shutter business?
Firstly, because we’ve been in business in Adelaide for so long, people know we’re a name that they can trust. We’re not a franchise or a big national company, and people know we’ll always be there to provide support and service, so lots of our customers have come to rely on us over the years.

Our experience is a pretty good recommendation too, I think. We know what we’re doing after so long in the game! We’ll always stand behind everything that we do, and we take great pride in every aspect of the job, from measuring, to manufacture, to installation.

Plus, we really look after our customers. As a family business, we understand more than most the real meaning of personalised service. We don’t have any pushy salesmen trying to flog you something you don’t need. Instead, when you call us, you’ll speak to me or Frank, as we’re the ones who will measure, make and them install your roller shutters, screen door or window screens. This means we’re confident our customers will be satisfied with the job, because we‘ll take care of it ourselves.

We only make and install roller shutters, security window screen and screen doors. We don’t do solar, or gutters, or roofs. We just specialise in producing the best Adelaide shutters that we can.

What types of roller shutters do you manufacture and install?
We use premium quality materials, so that our customers know they’re getting good value for money. Our roller shutters are really strong, great for extreme weather like storms, and they’re excellent for home security too. They can’t be prised open so your home is safe from intruders, but they’re a good visual deterrent too.

We also supply BAL40 bushfire resistant roller shutters, which is something to consider with a hot Adelaide summer coming up. We also do a great range of OZRoll remote control shutters, and shutters that are powered by solar energy as well.

What are the advantages for Adelaide homeowners of working with a local business like Direct Shutters?
As we like to say, Buy Local, Buy Direct. Because we run our business ourselves and manufacture our roller shutters on the premises in Wingfield, we can be more flexible in price than most franchises. We’re always happy to work with people to find a roller shutter or security screen solution that suits their budget. We think we have the best value-for-money prices in Adelaide. We’re proudly South Australian and proudly family-owned and -operated, and we’re pretty confident that we can give Adelaide the best product, the best prices, and the best service in the industry.

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Thursday, 18 September 2014

Roller Window Shutters Improve Your Home Security

In Adelaide, home burglary is unfortunately an all-too-frequent occurrence. However, you can improve the security of your home, and reduce the cost of your home insurance premiums, by installing appropriate home security measures, such as roller shutters on your windows and doors.

It is therefore important for homeowners to look for home security solutions that can help to minimise this risk. Roller shutters for your home windows and doors are a practical, cost-effective way of providing both visual deterrence and a physical barrier to potential opportunistic intruders.

Roller shutters made in Adelaide to enhance home security
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Roller shutters are strong and durable

Roller shutters are extremely strong and able to stand up to a great deal of force, as they are manufactured from high-grade aluminium and constructed as a system of interlocking slats. In addition, they have an internal locking mechanism that will ensure that the shutter is locked in position when it is closed. For further peace of mind, however, key locking can also be installed or, if you have solar powered or remote controlled shutters that open and close using a motor and are controlled from inside your home, these lock automatically, further preventing the shutters being opened or forced from the outside.

Additionally, their sturdy construction from high-grade materials means that roller shutters last for many years and require very little maintenance. Other advantages are that, unlike some security bars and grilles, they provide easy access to your window glass for cleaning, open fully so that you can control the amount of sunlight or breeze that you let in, and do not significantly mar or alter the overall appearance of your home while still giving you a high degree of privacy when required.

Roller shutters can be fitted in all types of Adelaide home

As roller shutter design and construction is extremely versatile, it also means they can be installed in practically any style of Adelaide home, so no matter where you are living or the type of property you have, you can benefit from the added home security that roller shutters on your windows and doors provide.

In addition, roller shutters are recommended by many insurance companies as a means of enhancing your home security and this can make a difference in some cases to the cost of the home insurance premiums you pay.

A cost-effective home security solution

Therefore, if you are looking to enhance your home security in Adelaide, roller shutters are an excellent solution. Their strength, versatility, and high-quality construction, combined with the visual deterrence that they provide, means that you can minimise the chances of opportunistic burglars choosing your home as an easy target, and make it extremely difficult for intruders to gain access to your valuable property and belongings.

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Wednesday, 3 September 2014

BAL40 Bushfire Resistant Roller Shutters Adelaide

Installing roller window shutters in your home can go a long way towards helping you to protect your property if you live in a bushfire-prone region of South Australia. Roller shutters prevent window glass from breaking, keeping flying debris out of your home, and form an extra level of defence against both heat and flames.

South Australia is a region of the country that is particularly prone to bushfires, and as a long hot summer approaches the risk will, unfortunately, only increase. However, there are steps that you can take that will help to protect your home in the event of a bushfire. 

BAL40 bushfire-reistant roller shutters
Learn more: visit

Roller Window Shutters Can Help to Protect Your Home from Bushfires 

Roller window shutters can provide a valuable line of defence against the dangers of fire. In extreme heat, windows will frequently crack or explode, meaning the glass will fall out of the frame, and so flying sparks and burning embers can enter your home through the now-unprotected space. However, bushfire resistant shutters have been shown to be able to withstand extreme radiant heat and so prevent your window glass from breaking, thus providing a stronger barrier against encroaching fire. In addition, aluminium window shutters have a baked enamel paint finish and are injected with polyurethane foam, which means they are also resistant to flames, so as well as protecting your glass they can protect the fabric and structure of your home and form an additional line of defence.

Tested by CSIRO

Leading Australian manufacturers, such as OZRoll, have now produced a range of extruded aluminium roller window shutters that have been designed specifically for areas that are prone to bushfire risk. In November 2010, the OZRoll AE401 range of shutters was tested by Australia’s CSIRO and was shown to be able to withstand the impact of a simulated extreme bushfire attack. The shutters were subjected to a maximum radiant heat exposure of 40kw/m2 and after an hour’s rigorous testing, there was no ignition or flaming and the shutters retained their integrity and remained operable. These shutters passed the CSIRO test at the level of BAL40 (Bushfire Attack Level 40), meaning that they are capable of withstanding a severe bushfire attack.

Remote control roller shutters

A further advantage of installing roller shutters in your home if you live in a bushfire-prone region is that remote controlled shutters that operate on solar power are also available. Therefore, even if mains power is cut during a bushfire the shutters can still be closed in order to protect your property from burning debris. Solar power shutters are operated by a solar tubular motor which is powered by small, lightweight solar cells that can be attached to the window shutter pelmet, on a nearby wall, or on the roof of your home. They are unobtrusive and compact in size, and the stand-alone system can be installed quickly and easily.

South Australia is bushfire-prone

Therefore, if you are living in an area of South Australia that is particularly at risk of bushfires, you will want to consider taking every precaution that you can to ensure that your home is protected during the volatile bushfire season. For this reason, you should consider installing Australian-made and -designed roller shutters for your windows and doors as an extra layer of defence against the destructive power of fire.

For further information on bushfire safety in South Australia, please click here. For more information on Australian Standard AS3959:2009, Construction of Buildings in Bushfire-prone Areas, please click here

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Thursday, 24 July 2014

Buy Local. Buy Direct.

At +Direct Shutters, we believe in the value of buying local and buying direct. In Adelaide in particular, a city blessed with an abundance of fine food and wine, there is ample opportunity to enjoy locally-reared and -grown food that is truly world-class.

We also believe that buying local, buying direct should extend to manufacturers as well. As an independent, family-owned and -operated business with over 25 years' experience in the roller shutter industry, we are confident that we are well-placed to lay out the benefits to Adelaide homeowners—and the wider community—of buying your roller shutters, security window grilles and security doors from a trusted local manufacturer. Read our top five reasons below:

1. More than 25 years of experience means we know what we're doing!

Very few companies in Adelaide can match our knowledge and experience of the roller shutter industry, or of our city itself. We've found solutions for every type of property imaginable, whether it's a home or business premises, and have installed our security shutters, window grilles and security doors right across South Australia.

The fact that we've been around for so long already, also means that we'll still be here tomorrow—not every business can say that with confidence!

2. Our work stands the test of time 

We've been in this business a long time, and so we're very proud of our skills, knowledge and experience. Our professional approach also means that we use the very best materials, combined with outstanding workmanship, so that you can be sure that our security shutters and doors will stand up to extreme weather, protect you and your family, and help to insulate your home, reducing your home energy bills.

Not only do we manufacture our shutters and doors at our workshop in Wingfield, we are also experts at installation. This means that we take care of the job from beginning to end, and so we are always there to ensure that your needs are being met.

3. Unrivalled levels of customer care

When you entrust us with your business, you can be assured of the sort of personalised care and attention to detail that only a family-owned, local business can provide. The fact that we've been in business for so long shows that our customers appreciate and value what we do and, unlike big chains or franchises, you won't be dealing with a salesman, only interested in their commission. Instead, you'll be dealing with the owners of the business—who also happen to be the guys who will make and install your roller shutters, security doors and windows as well! We get to know our customers and their needs in a way that larger, more impersonal enterprises just can't match.

4. We make roller shutters, security doors and window grilles—and that's it!

Unlike a lot of other companies in Adelaide who offer roller shutters and security screens, we don't just dabble in it—we specialise! Which means that we don't offer every other home improvement service under the sun, like some firms. If you want solar panels, go to a solar company. If you want guttering, go to a roofing company. But if you want roller shutters—come to us!

5. We offer the best value in Adelaide

We manufacture and install our security shutters and screens ourselves. That means, quite simply, that we're able to be more competitive and flexible on price than chains and franchises who contract their work out. If you've had a quote for roller shutters, speak to us before you make a decision. We're confident that we can match any price and, what's more, we can guarantee the very best service at every step of the way.

If you're looking for value for money, but also high-quality window shutters manufactured by skilled, local tradesmen, look no further. Email us at to find out more.

Buy Local. Buy Direct.

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Sunday, 22 June 2014

Discount Adelaide Roller Shutters

Save 30% During Our End of Financial Year Sale!

At +Direct Shutters we are holding our annual end of financial year sale. You can save 30% off our range of Adelaide-made roller shutters and security screens for windows and doors.

Roller shutters for windows and doors in Adelaide
Find out more about our Adelaide-made roller shutters at our website

Protect Your Home From Extreme Weather With Roller Shutters

You can prevent or reduce extreme weather and storm damage to your home through installing roller window shutters. In strong winds, flying debris and broken tree branches can be propelled at great speeds and velocity, while heavy hail can shatter windows or the glass in doors. This can lead to internal water damage as rain can be blown in through smashed doors and windows, while shattered glass and outdoor debris can cause damage to fixtures and fittings.

Roller window shutters are designed to stop damage being caused to your doors and windows, which can help to prevent both exterior and interior harm to your home. Roller window shutters are produced from aluminium and have foam insulation, which means they are extremely strong and durable, and able to resist just about anything heavy winds or extreme weather can throw at them. In addition, if necessary, it is possible to purchases roller window shutters that conform to Australian CSIRO cyclone standards.

Furthermore, when they are closed, roller window shutters do not rattle or shake in high winds, meaning that you can still experience peace and quiet during the heaviest of storms. In addition, roller window shutters are quick and easy to operate (either manually or by remote control), meaning that they can be closed at a moment’s notice of an impending storm.

Roller Shutters Keep Your Home Warm in Winter

The insulating effect of window roller shutters means that you can more effectively control the temperature in your home, and in so doing dramatically reduce your heating costs in the winter, which significantly impacts on your home’s energy efficiency. You could make significant savings on your power and electricity bills while utilising green technology that doesn’t increase your emissions.

Reduce Your Energy Costs With Roller Shutters

Recent research carried out in Australia using National Housing Energy Rating Software has demonstrated that the reductions in energy use to be gained by installing insulated roller shutters can be significant ( Given the high costs of electricity in Adelaide, this could amount to a substantial saving on your annual power bill, as well as an important reduction in your home’s carbon emissions.

Overall domestic energy efficiency has been shown in Australian research to be much improved by the installation of insulated roller shutters, and in turn this also means a reduction in domestic emissions as well.

Improve Your Home Security

Roller shutters are extremely strong and able to stand up to a great deal of force, as they are manufactured from high-grade aluminium and constructed as a system of interlocking slats. In addition, they have an internal locking mechanism that will ensure that the shutter is locked in position when it is closed. For further peace of mind, however, key locking can also be installed or, if you have solar powered or remote controlled shutters that open and close using a motor and are controlled from inside your home, these lock automatically, further preventing the shutters being opened or forced from the outside.

Roller Shutters are Suitable for Commercial Premises

Anyone who is in Adelaide retail, operates office premises, or owns any type of business space, knows that the glass in your windows and door can be susceptible to damage in a variety of ways. Whether it be through vandalism, attempted break-in, or caused by extreme weather and storms, your glass can be left vulnerable and unprotected. Added to this is the risk that broken glass can pose to health and safety, the damage it can inflict on stock and equipment, and the ease with which it can ruin fixtures and fittings.

Roller shutters, however, can provide a vital extra layer of defence against any or all of these challenges, saving you both money and time, as the clean-up job from a broken display window or office door is expensive, time consuming and extremely inconvenient.

Roller Shutters are Easy to Install

Roller shutters are extremely versatile and provide homeowners with a range of benefits, as well as being suitable for installation in almost all types of domestic or commercial building. This is because they are custom-designed and built to fit your requirements and specifications exactly. Therefore, whether it be to enhance your home security, protect your home against storm damage, insulate your home in the heat of an Adelaide summer, or reduce your home energy bills, installing custom-made roller shutters is an efficient and effective solution. 

Cleaning and Maintaining Roller Shutters is Easy

Roller shutters are extremely sturdy, and in their construction use high-grade materials that mean they last for many years and require very little maintenance. Nevertheless, some minimal maintenance and cleaning performed regularly can ensure optimum performance and longevity on your investment.

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Wednesday, 4 June 2014

Adelaide Roller Shutters at Discounted Prices!

As the end of the financial year approaches in Adelaide, we are holding our annual sale.

This means extraordinary 30% discounts on our locally-made roller shutters and security screens for windows and doors.

Discount Roller Shutters in Adelaide

So whether you're looking for shutters for your home, retail, commercial or office premises, our custom-made and expertly installed window shutters have never been cheaper. In fact, if you can find a lower quote, we'll beat it!

We also manufacture and install security screens for doors and windows. These are custom-made and so can be tailored to suit any kind of property, domestic or commercial, and we offer a range of design choices that will enhance both your hem security, but the overall look of your property as well.

+Direct Shutters is an Adelaide family-owned and -operated independent business and we have over 25 years' experience in the industry. We offer an unparalleled personal service and you can be assured of the first-rate quality of our workmanship.

If you are looking for Adelaide roller shutters, built and installed by local skilled tradesmen, then look no further! At Direct Shutters we are always happy to share our vast knowledge and experience to make sure that your window shutters and security screens match your needs.

To take advantage of our amazing 30% discount EOFY sale, visit our website or email us for more information.

Adelaide security screens for windows and doors discounted in our EOFY Sale!
We are offering a 30% discount on roller shutters and security window screens

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Direct Shutters End of Financial Year Sale!

At +Direct Shutters, we are holding an amazing End of Financial Year Sale!

All of our stock is discounted by an incredible 30%. That means a 30% discount on custom-made roller shutters for windows and doors, and 30% off custom-made security window screens.

We are a family-owned and -operated business in Adelaide with over 25 years' experience in the manufacture and installation of roller shutters. We make our shutters and security grilles in our Wingfield workshop, and our skilled team installs them expertly, using all of our expertise and experience.

In order to take advantage of this amazing offer, visit our website or email us, and we will be happy to help you.

Roller shutters for windows and doors made in Adelaide
Check out the information page on our website to find out more

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Sunday, 11 May 2014

Roller Shutters Help To Reduce Adelaide Energy Costs

More energy bill rises for Adelaide homeowners!

It has recently been announced that energy bills in Adelaide are set to rise yet again, this time by an estimated $95 a year. This rather depressing trend seems set to continue, and sometimes it's hard to not to feel powerless in the face of this remorseless price gouging.

However, there are steps that you can take to fight back!

Roller shutters are a cost-effective, environmentally-friendly solution that improves the energy efficiency of your home and reduces your costs and bills. They offer an additional layer of insulation and stop heat being lost through your windows, meaning you can control the temperature indoors more effectively.

As a result, you don't need to run your heating as often and for as long and this means that you're not racking up those bills.

If you are considering having roller shutters installed, at +Direct Shutters we can advise you on reducing your Adelaide energy costs and reducing your domestic emissions as well.

Roller shutters are an environmentally-friendly solution that also reduces your carbon footprint and improves your energy efficiency, thus reducing your energy bills
Click here to read more about the energy savings to be gained from having roller shutters installed

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Sunday, 4 May 2014

Cleaning and maintaining your roller shutters

With the winter approaching, it's the ideal time to think about cleaning your roller shutters and performing any routine maintenance tasks.

Minimal maintenance

Roller shutters don't need a great deal of maintenance because they're made from high-quality aluminium and constructed to last. However, there are some tasks that you can perform that will help to preserve their lifespan and effectiveness.

Maintenance tasks

Cleaning the guides and the pelmet so that they're free from any dirt and debris (such as twigs and leaves) helps your shutters to open and close smoothly and without interruption. Greasing the bearings will also ensure that the roller mechanism operates smoothly, as will lubricating the roller and guide rails. 

How to clean your shutters

Every three months or so, it's important to clean the surfaces of your roller shutters. For this task, you should clean out the ventilation holes using a soft brush and brush away any debris on the surface. 

After this, we recommend hosing down your shutters and washing them with a sponge and a mild soap solution in warm water. After washing, you should hose your shutters down again and then use an absorbent cloth to wipe them down. 

It's important that you don't use an abrasive cleaner (e.g. methylated spirits or solvents) or a scrubbing brush, as these might damage the surface of your roller shutters. You should also avoid using a high pressure spray and ensure that water isn't sprayed into the head box or pelmet, 

Further advice

For further advice and guidance on how to maintain and clean your roller shutters, please visit the information page on our website.

To learn more about how to clean and maintain your roller shutters, visit

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Wednesday, 30 April 2014

Solar Power Roller Shutters Are a Cost-Effective and Energy Saving Solution

At +Direct Shutters, we manufacture and install a range of automated window shutters that operate entirely on solar power, independent of mains electricity.

Solar roller shutters run on an automated operating system that is environmentally sound, easy to control and maintain, and reduces home energy bills.

We install solar tubular motor systems designed and made by Croci Australia which are powered by small, lightweight solar cells attached either to the shutter pelmet, a nearby wall, or on the roof. These motors are compact and unobtrusive, and can be installed quickly and easily without the need to hire an electrician, and are operated from inside your home using either a wall switch or remote control unit.

Solar powered window shutters can be installed in just about any type of building or location, but are especially valuable in Adelaide and South Australian bushfire zones, as shutters can still be closed in order to protect property even when mains power is shut down.

Our range of solar power roller shutters means that you can have all the benefits that roller shutters provide, combined with an easy-to-use, economic and environmentally friendly operating system.

Solar power roller shutters are environmentally sound, easy to control and maintain, and cut down on home power bills
Please click here to read our information brochure in full
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Sunday, 27 April 2014

Security Window Screens Help to Protect Your Home

As well as our locally-made roller shutters, at +Direct Shutters we also manufacture and install high-grade security window screens for Adelaide homeowners.

There are numerous benefits to be gained from having security window screens installed in your home.

Security window screens are cost-effective

For instance, they are extremely cost-effective and versatile, as they can be installed on just about any type of window, and any type of property. This includes apartments, suburban homes, heritage properties and business premises.

Protection against burglary

They provide outstanding protection against burglary (windows being one of the most common points of entry for burglars) and are a more cost-effective solution than installing an expensive alarm system. They are strong enough to resist being prised off or jemmied open, while the screen is strong enough to resist cutting. They also provide a visual deterrent to would-be intruders.

High-quality materials

In addition, our security window screens are strong and secure because they're made from high-quality extruded aluminium and adhere to Australian Standard AS5039. This means both that they are resilient and resistant to corrosion.

Overall, our security window screens offer Adelaide homeowners a cost-effective, locally-made addition to home security. To learn more, visit our website where you can find additional information or arrange a no-obligation quote.

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Wednesday, 9 April 2014

Keep Adelaide's winter weather at bay with locally-made roller shutters

There's no doubt about it—autumn is definitely heading Adelaide's way soon!

However, you can keep the worst of any extreme weather at bay with our outstanding range of locally-made roller shutters. They protect against tree branches blown about by the wind, so that your valuable glass and windows remain intact and your home isn't inundated with water and debris.

Roller shutters provide a cost- and energy-efficient way of keeping out the worst of the weather and can also help you to manage temperatures inside your home in the winter, thus reducing your energy costs too.

Also, we make our roller shutters right here in Adelaide, so you can be assured of getting a quality product from a long-established local business with a name you can trust. We stand by the quality of our workmanship and our after-sales service, which is probably why we've been serving South Australians for over twenty-five years.

Visit our website or +Direct Shutters  to find out more. We look forward to seeing you soon.

Roller shutters are an energy-efficient way to protect your Adelaide home against winter weather
Our roller shutters protect your home against winter weather extremes

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Wednesday, 26 March 2014

Remote Control for Your Roller Shutters Powered by Solar Energy

Installing a solar powered operating system for your roller shutters means that your remote controlled window shutters don't use any mains electricity, saving you money and reducing your carbon footprint.

This means that, as well as the cost benefits gained from using roller shutters to more effectively control the temperature in your home, you can use green technology that is environmentally sound and saves you money to operate your system. They're operated from inside your home and so an added advantage is that you don't need a winder or strap system to control them.

Operated by a small tubular motor, small, lightweight solar cells attached to the window shutter pelmet, they can be installed and quickly and easily and don't require the services of an electrician. They're suitable for any type of suburban Adelaide home but are especially useful in more remote or rural areas, where access to a power source may not be straightforward.

They are of particular value in bushfire-prone areas of rural South Australia, because even when mains electricity is cut, your roller shutters can still be closed to form an extra layer of protection for your property.

So if you're conscious of your carbon footprint, are looking to reduce home energy costs, or live in a bushfire-prone area. solar power roller shutters are an effective and cost-efficient choice.

Direct Shutters can fir energy- and cost-efficient roller shutters powered by solar energy
Solar power roller shutters can effectively reduce your home energy costs
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Monday, 24 March 2014

The OZRoll Drive System E-Series for Roller Window Shutters

Roller shutters for your windows and doors have a number of benefits in terms of reducing your energy costs, providing an added layer of protection to your property and enhancing the look of your home. A further advantage is their ease of operation, which is increased even more with the installation of the OZRoll Drive System (ODS) E-series, a battery-powered remote operating system that gives you complete control over your shutters at the click of a button.
The ODS E-series is a low-voltage, battery operated system that does not run on mains power, nor does it require the services of an electrician to be installed, both of which facts represent significant savings for Adelaide homeowners, particularly as we have some of the highest electricity charges in the world. In addition, a battery powered operating system means that there are no unsightly tapes or winders inside your home.
The system works via an E-port controller, a small and unobtrusive rechargeable power pack that operates the shutters from a plate attached to the wall alongside each shutter. When the E-port controller is sitting in the wall plate, the shutter can be opened and closed easily and simply by clicking a button. The rechargeable lithium-ion battery enables you to open and close your shutters about 30-40 times before it requires recharging.
Recharging too is a very simple process. An indicator light tells you when recharging is required (although the unit will still continue to operate for some time after the light first comes on), and then you simply remove the E-port controller from the wall plate and recharge it using any power socket, just as you would a mobile phone or laptop (the charger is of course supplied). 
Alternatively, the E-port is also available with an E-trans RF (radio frequency) option, so that more than one shutter can be operated from a single unit. The E-trans RF remote unit itself is powered by a long-life battery that does not require recharging.
Using the ODS E-series is simple and the programming options are user-friendly, making the shutters easy to operate by every member of the family. The shutters can be stopped or started in any position, giving you the same sort of control as you would have with a manual system.  
Multiple shutters can be operated using one E-port controller, and so upfront installation costs can be reduced, but further power packs can be added if and when required. The OZRoll E-series operating system can also be fitted easily to existing shutters without the need to remove them, so making the switch is simple and straightforward.
Another advantage is that as the E-series ODS operates independently of mains power, in an emergency it is not subject to power cuts or failures, meaning that you are always in control, regardless of the circumstances. 
The OZRoll Drive System E-series therefore represents an energy-efficient and easy-to-install way of operating your roller shutters, and is a straightforward and cost-effective alternative to manually operated systems. Visit us at +Direct Shutters to find out more or to make an enquiry about our March special!
We specialise in the installation of OzRoll remote control unit for roller shutters
During March we have a special offer for Adelaide homeowners!
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Tuesday, 11 February 2014

February Special Offer!

We're offering a free security door for every four roller shutters purchased.
Visit our website to see more details of our February Special Offer
We're delighted to be able to offer our new and existing customers a special offer for the month of February.

If you order 4 or more roller window shutters, you'll receive a diamond grille design hinged security door with fly wire and single locking—for FREE, including installation!

To find out more about our special offer, and our full range of products and services, you can visit us at +Direct Shutters or go to our website.

We look forward to hearing from you soon!

To qualify for the special offer, the following conditions apply:

*Door must be of standard size. 
*Colour must be from standard range. 
*All upgrades, ie privacy mesh, three point locking, powder coating etc, will cost extra.

Thursday, 30 January 2014

Keeping your Adelaide energy costs down

There is no doubt that summer 2014 is proving to be an extraordinarily hot one, and the prolonged heatwave will no doubt have a significant effect on many #Adelaide household energy bills.

However, our locally-made roller shutters for windows and doors are a cost-effective, energy efficient and environmentally friendly way of keeping your home cooler and thereby reducing your costs. They enable you to control the amount of direct sunlight that comes into your home meaning that your house stays cooler and for longer.

We are experts at manufacturing and installing roller shutters, and because we make our shutters on the premises, we are able to keep costs to a minimum.

You can email us to find out more, or visit our website to read more about our products and services. In the meantime, read our information brochure below to find out more.

Adelaide roller shutters
Please click here to read the brochure in full

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