Monday, 24 March 2014

The OZRoll Drive System E-Series for Roller Window Shutters

Roller shutters for your windows and doors have a number of benefits in terms of reducing your energy costs, providing an added layer of protection to your property and enhancing the look of your home. A further advantage is their ease of operation, which is increased even more with the installation of the OZRoll Drive System (ODS) E-series, a battery-powered remote operating system that gives you complete control over your shutters at the click of a button.
The ODS E-series is a low-voltage, battery operated system that does not run on mains power, nor does it require the services of an electrician to be installed, both of which facts represent significant savings for Adelaide homeowners, particularly as we have some of the highest electricity charges in the world. In addition, a battery powered operating system means that there are no unsightly tapes or winders inside your home.
The system works via an E-port controller, a small and unobtrusive rechargeable power pack that operates the shutters from a plate attached to the wall alongside each shutter. When the E-port controller is sitting in the wall plate, the shutter can be opened and closed easily and simply by clicking a button. The rechargeable lithium-ion battery enables you to open and close your shutters about 30-40 times before it requires recharging.
Recharging too is a very simple process. An indicator light tells you when recharging is required (although the unit will still continue to operate for some time after the light first comes on), and then you simply remove the E-port controller from the wall plate and recharge it using any power socket, just as you would a mobile phone or laptop (the charger is of course supplied). 
Alternatively, the E-port is also available with an E-trans RF (radio frequency) option, so that more than one shutter can be operated from a single unit. The E-trans RF remote unit itself is powered by a long-life battery that does not require recharging.
Using the ODS E-series is simple and the programming options are user-friendly, making the shutters easy to operate by every member of the family. The shutters can be stopped or started in any position, giving you the same sort of control as you would have with a manual system.  
Multiple shutters can be operated using one E-port controller, and so upfront installation costs can be reduced, but further power packs can be added if and when required. The OZRoll E-series operating system can also be fitted easily to existing shutters without the need to remove them, so making the switch is simple and straightforward.
Another advantage is that as the E-series ODS operates independently of mains power, in an emergency it is not subject to power cuts or failures, meaning that you are always in control, regardless of the circumstances. 
The OZRoll Drive System E-series therefore represents an energy-efficient and easy-to-install way of operating your roller shutters, and is a straightforward and cost-effective alternative to manually operated systems. Visit us at +Direct Shutters to find out more or to make an enquiry about our March special!
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Copywriting for +Cadogan and Hall by +Mark Angus