Sunday, 4 May 2014

Cleaning and maintaining your roller shutters

With the winter approaching, it's the ideal time to think about cleaning your roller shutters and performing any routine maintenance tasks.

Minimal maintenance

Roller shutters don't need a great deal of maintenance because they're made from high-quality aluminium and constructed to last. However, there are some tasks that you can perform that will help to preserve their lifespan and effectiveness.

Maintenance tasks

Cleaning the guides and the pelmet so that they're free from any dirt and debris (such as twigs and leaves) helps your shutters to open and close smoothly and without interruption. Greasing the bearings will also ensure that the roller mechanism operates smoothly, as will lubricating the roller and guide rails. 

How to clean your shutters

Every three months or so, it's important to clean the surfaces of your roller shutters. For this task, you should clean out the ventilation holes using a soft brush and brush away any debris on the surface. 

After this, we recommend hosing down your shutters and washing them with a sponge and a mild soap solution in warm water. After washing, you should hose your shutters down again and then use an absorbent cloth to wipe them down. 

It's important that you don't use an abrasive cleaner (e.g. methylated spirits or solvents) or a scrubbing brush, as these might damage the surface of your roller shutters. You should also avoid using a high pressure spray and ensure that water isn't sprayed into the head box or pelmet, 

Further advice

For further advice and guidance on how to maintain and clean your roller shutters, please visit the information page on our website.

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