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Discount Adelaide Roller Shutters

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Roller shutters for windows and doors in Adelaide
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Protect Your Home From Extreme Weather With Roller Shutters

You can prevent or reduce extreme weather and storm damage to your home through installing roller window shutters. In strong winds, flying debris and broken tree branches can be propelled at great speeds and velocity, while heavy hail can shatter windows or the glass in doors. This can lead to internal water damage as rain can be blown in through smashed doors and windows, while shattered glass and outdoor debris can cause damage to fixtures and fittings.

Roller window shutters are designed to stop damage being caused to your doors and windows, which can help to prevent both exterior and interior harm to your home. Roller window shutters are produced from aluminium and have foam insulation, which means they are extremely strong and durable, and able to resist just about anything heavy winds or extreme weather can throw at them. In addition, if necessary, it is possible to purchases roller window shutters that conform to Australian CSIRO cyclone standards.

Furthermore, when they are closed, roller window shutters do not rattle or shake in high winds, meaning that you can still experience peace and quiet during the heaviest of storms. In addition, roller window shutters are quick and easy to operate (either manually or by remote control), meaning that they can be closed at a moment’s notice of an impending storm.

Roller Shutters Keep Your Home Warm in Winter

The insulating effect of window roller shutters means that you can more effectively control the temperature in your home, and in so doing dramatically reduce your heating costs in the winter, which significantly impacts on your home’s energy efficiency. You could make significant savings on your power and electricity bills while utilising green technology that doesn’t increase your emissions.

Reduce Your Energy Costs With Roller Shutters

Recent research carried out in Australia using National Housing Energy Rating Software has demonstrated that the reductions in energy use to be gained by installing insulated roller shutters can be significant ( Given the high costs of electricity in Adelaide, this could amount to a substantial saving on your annual power bill, as well as an important reduction in your home’s carbon emissions.

Overall domestic energy efficiency has been shown in Australian research to be much improved by the installation of insulated roller shutters, and in turn this also means a reduction in domestic emissions as well.

Improve Your Home Security

Roller shutters are extremely strong and able to stand up to a great deal of force, as they are manufactured from high-grade aluminium and constructed as a system of interlocking slats. In addition, they have an internal locking mechanism that will ensure that the shutter is locked in position when it is closed. For further peace of mind, however, key locking can also be installed or, if you have solar powered or remote controlled shutters that open and close using a motor and are controlled from inside your home, these lock automatically, further preventing the shutters being opened or forced from the outside.

Roller Shutters are Suitable for Commercial Premises

Anyone who is in Adelaide retail, operates office premises, or owns any type of business space, knows that the glass in your windows and door can be susceptible to damage in a variety of ways. Whether it be through vandalism, attempted break-in, or caused by extreme weather and storms, your glass can be left vulnerable and unprotected. Added to this is the risk that broken glass can pose to health and safety, the damage it can inflict on stock and equipment, and the ease with which it can ruin fixtures and fittings.

Roller shutters, however, can provide a vital extra layer of defence against any or all of these challenges, saving you both money and time, as the clean-up job from a broken display window or office door is expensive, time consuming and extremely inconvenient.

Roller Shutters are Easy to Install

Roller shutters are extremely versatile and provide homeowners with a range of benefits, as well as being suitable for installation in almost all types of domestic or commercial building. This is because they are custom-designed and built to fit your requirements and specifications exactly. Therefore, whether it be to enhance your home security, protect your home against storm damage, insulate your home in the heat of an Adelaide summer, or reduce your home energy bills, installing custom-made roller shutters is an efficient and effective solution. 

Cleaning and Maintaining Roller Shutters is Easy

Roller shutters are extremely sturdy, and in their construction use high-grade materials that mean they last for many years and require very little maintenance. Nevertheless, some minimal maintenance and cleaning performed regularly can ensure optimum performance and longevity on your investment.

Copywriting by +MarkAngus