Sunday, 2 August 2015

How to Cut Your Energy Costs

It's well documented that Adelaide homeowners have long been accustomed to paying the highest energy costs in the country, if not some of the dearest in the world. However, installing roller shutters in your home can lead to significant savings on both your home heating and cooling costs, meaning you can fight back against ever-increasing energy charges.

Adelaide roller shutters can help you to reduce home energy costs
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Roller shutters help to reduce energy costs 

Because window roller shutters have an insulating effect, it is possible to control more effectively the temperature inside your home, which significantly reduces heating costs in the winter and keeps your home a good deal cooler in the summer, both of which appreciably improve energy efficiency.

This means that installing roller shutters in your home can lead to major savings on your power and electricity bills, while at the same time decreasing your emissions.

Protect your home from Adelaide summer heat

Roller shutters for your windows and doors are a cost-effective method of keeping your home cool in the summer without the need to run your air conditioning or cooling continuously, which in turn reduces your electricity use.

In addition, fitting our insulated roller shutters mean that your home is protected from the direct heat of the sun, something which is necessary in an Adelaide summer because glass is such an effective conductor of heat that unprotected windows are one of the main reasons why your home becomes unbearably hot during the height of summer. However, our shutters for windows and doors can reduce this significantly, as they are insulated with high density polyurethane that can block up to 90% of the sun’s heat. The subsequent reductions in energy use can amount to substantial savings on your home electricity and energy bills.

Keep your home warm in the winter

Homes in Adelaide have historically been designed to cope with summer heat, which means they tend to be less energy-efficient and more difficult to keep warm during the colder months. As a result, the winter tends to be a time when energy consumption rises substantially. However, it's possible to counter potentially high energy bills by installing roller shutters and therefore exerting greater control over your energy use. 

Our Adelaide-made roller shutters are manufactured from premium quality aluminium and insulated with high-density polyurethane and then coated with a baked enamel finish. This produces an insulating effect because when they are closed, roller shutters keep cold air away from the glass in windows and doors, meaning temperatures inside aren't as affected by the weather conditions outside. In addition, the heat that you do generate inside your home is not lost through your window glass as quickly. 

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